Vehicle Battery Power Banks and Solar Power Units

Battery Power Banks and Solar Power Units

We have everything you need to keep you powered up in the bush with our solar panel units and chargers. We will keep you on track with our solar cells and solar blankets, portable and fixed chargers, inverters and more. Don’t let your phones, tablets and lights run out of charge. Checkout our great range of solar power banks: 4 panels, LEDs, foldable and more.

Looking for a great value quality necessity for your next adventure. Make sure you have our 20000mAh SPB with compass. This charger offers 20,000 mAh capacity, is a solar panel unit with a waterproof case, dual flashlight and a compass. Ideal for camping, hiking, sports, outdoor activities, or just another handy way to charge your device.

Make sure you have all the backup you need with our battery power banks and solar power units

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Showing all 5 results