Motorcycle Accessories – On and Off Road

At Squishy, we strive to stock everything you need while you are out and about on your motorbike.

Tyre pressure and temperature monitors, safety gear and apparel, bike covers and storage solutions, anti-theft GPS tracking units and much more.

Our Tyre Pressure and Temp Monitor unit is must have motorbike gear. This system could save you from having a costly blowout. The monitor has  remote sensors to gauge the pressure and temperature of each individual tyre. The monitor unit displays this information in real time. It can be pre-set to alert the rider of high or low tyre pressures. Incorrect pressure will decrease the life of your tyre so using this system will help prevent premature tyre wear.  It may save you money in the long run.

We are out every day searching for more great quality more motorcycle accessories – on and off road – for you…. So, keep your eye out for our safety gear, bike covers, storage solutions, anti-theft GPS tracking units and other motorbike gear coming soon.