7W solar panel with 5000mha powerbank



7W solar panel with 5000mha powerbank

:::::Comes in dark green color only :::::


Specifications Working
Model ES-4
Solar panels peak power 7W
Working Voltage/Current 5V/1.8A(max)
Working Temperature -20℃~~+60℃
Output interface USB
Development size 490*155*4mm
Folding size 155*96*20mm
Material Polysilicon
Weight 230g
Charging Mobile phones, tablets, 5V PSP, 5V cameras, power banks, etc…

How to use:  7W solar panel with 5000mha powerbank

1)  Charging 5V digital device

*Open the solar charger, vertical alignment of the sun.

*Uses the USB cable connect the solar charger and 5V devices such as the 5000mah power bank suppolied or can connect direct to your phone .

*Start charging.

*During charging for Apple products, low out put due to heavy clouds can result in it stopping charging, please wait two minutes after the clouds clear , the solar charger will restart charging again clouds leave.

2). Charging for 5V Devices

1) Use the USB cable connect the 5V devices input and power bank output port.

2) When charging, the indicator will be flash one by one.

Warm Notice

Please charge the power bank once every 3 months if the bank not  used for a long time.

It is normal that the temperature of the power bank to warm up a bit during charging.

Please keep the bank clean and dry, do not wash the bank with chemistry depurative.

Important Notice

Do not let children and unqualified people use the power bank except there is a specialist can guide them.

Do not use it for any device without assigned output parameter.

4 Solar Panel Portable Power Bank

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