Action Camera Accessory Kit



Action Camera Accessory Kit


Floating Hand Grip + Long Screw

Allows you to take photos no matter snorkeling with tropical fish or surfing, ensure your camera safety while you enjoy the beautiful view at the same time. NOTE: The set must be used in WATER SPORTS!

Selfie Stick Monopod + Black Tripod Mount Adapter

It also has a Fully-adjustable design. Also allows you to capture unique angles and different points-of-view. Also record every unforgettable moment with your friend or family. Make your journey with more fun.

Car Suction Cup Mount + Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle

The camera can also be attached securely to your car window. Recording the along-side scene for you, shoot at any different point of view, provides a broad range of motion and enjoy the POV filming.

Chest Harness + Black Buckle Basic Strap Mount

Direction and Angle can also be adjusted according to your needs. Also easy to capture immersive video and photos use the first person perspective. Capture the wonderful video and photo footage when you are riding.

More different combinations

Will also meet your different sports needs. Octopus Tripod + mount, 360° rotating clip mount, allow you to create exciting moments. You can also
take it whenever you are in diving, swimming, driving car, climbing, and riding bicycle.

Compatible with

GoPro Hero Series Sj4000 Sj4000 plus Sj5000 Sj6000 Amkov XiaoMi Yi AMK 5000 AMK 5000S Dazzne P2 Dazzne P3 EKEN H9 FIREFLY 5S FIREFLY 6S Polaroid Cube SJ7000 SJCAM 4000 plus SJCAM 5000 plus SJCAM M10 SJCAM M10 Plus Soocoo C10 Soocoo S60 and all other action cameras


1 x Selfie stick/Handheld Monopod. Maximum length up to 1.1m
1 x Floating Hand Grip. Avoid losing your camera in water sports
Carrying case. Large Size. Shockproof. Waterproof
1 x Chest Harness. Comfortably-adjustable design
3 x Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount. Perfect for Bicycling, Mountain Biking
3 x Flat-Surface Mounts
2 x Curved-Surface Mounts
2 x Long screw
1 x Tripod Mount Adapter
5 × 3M sticker. Fix camera on curved and flat surface
3 x Black Buckle Basic
1 × 360 Rotation Clip. Quick clip and remove
1 x Nylon Wrist Strap. Fix your bluetooth controller
Also Head strip. Waterproof
1 x Suction cup mount. Keep the contact surface clean and flat when using
1 x Insurance Tether Strap. Further secure camera
360 Rotation Wrist Strap. Adjust freely
1 x Floating Sponge. Perfect for Surfing
12 x Anti-fog inserts. Reusable
1 x Vented Helmet Strap. Durable nylon strap
1 x Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm
The Extension Arm with Mount for Helmet
1 x J-Hook Buckle Mount

Free gift:
1 x Soft Digits Lens Cloth
Also Soft Digits Glasses Cleaning cloth
1 x Soft Digits Plastic wrench

Action Camera Accessory Kit works well with an GO pro or with the Eken camera