MAD 9m Snatch Strap


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MAD 9m Snatch Strap

MAD 9m Snatch Strap for vehicle recovery with reinforced eye guards & protective sleeves. Made from premium nylon webbing with 20% genuine stretch and recovery ability. Perfect for 4WDs, cars, trucks, on the work site or around the farm.

The Snatch Strap 9m is an essential part of gear for off-road adventures. The strap is also attached on secure recovery points on vehicles to provide a rubber band type, sling effect to remove a bogged vehicle from where it is stuck.
This snatch strap uses a heavy-duty Nylon construction with a 20% maximum stretch to achieve its 8000kg minimum breaking strength. At 9m, it allows the recovery vehicle plenty of room to stay on safe terrain while it snatches the bogged vehicle. Reinforced ends and eye and seam protector sleeves help protect the vehicles and the strap itself from damage in the process.

MAD 9m Snatch Strap

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Off Road Tow Hook

The primary benefit of a snatch strap is that they can stretch in length by up to 25%. This means as you tow a bogged 4WD out, the strap stretches and avoids the jerk or shock load associated with using a chain or static tow rope.  However, this severely limits the the amount of energy you can apply to pulling the bogged vehicle out. More often than not, the result is a bogged vehicle that doesn’t move, and the recovery vehicle starts to sink!