Rubber Sand Recovery Tracks


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Rubber Sand Recovery Tracks

These Rubber Sand Recovery Tracks are Ideal Off-road Recovery Tracks.  They are a must have item for 4×4 wheel driving or weekend warriors.
–  Provides extra traction in sand, mud and snow recoveries.
–  Made from heavy duty solid rubber, with plastic coated galvanized steel cable.
–  Moulded cleats for extra traction in slippery condition.
–  Easy to store and transport, compact roll up design, includes storage bag with velcro straps and carry handles..
–  Easy to use, wedge track under each tyre and accelerate slowly and drive out.

Rubber Sand Recovery Tracks

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Getting ‘unstuck’ from a bog hole, sand trap or from being bellied out in the rocks is an art.

Sure, winches are great, but there are times when they can’t be used. That’s where traction aids (sand tracks, bog mats, traction ladders, bridging ladders, or whatever you want to call them) can come in handy.

Basically, once a 4×4 becomes stuck, shoving something under the wheels to give them traction is how these devices work; you’re introducing a firmer surface for your 4×4 to drive on to (hopefully) free yourself.

These recovery tracks also have a very unique tread pattern that ensures maximum traction from the tyre to the track, and from the track to the surface underneath. 1.5m long x 30cm wide, these recovery tracks will get you unstuck fast. The handy roll up design also enables these tracks to be easily cleaned and allows for storage either inside or outside of the vehicle.

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